KETH - Kovan ETH used on the Ethereum Kovan testnet ... Enter the contract address for either USDC or DAI (copy address from above) and swap your Kovan ETH. 4. Add the contract address for the token you swapped for and your USDC / DAI will be visible in your wallet. 5.
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Ethereum Test Environment Access. To access the Ethereum test environments you can use your existing MetaMask wallet. If you do not have a MetaMask wallet you can download it here. To change from the Mainnet to one of the test networks click on the drop down at the top of your MetaMask wallet to select Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby or any other network.
PulseChain-Testnet. Project ID: 29979388. Star 75. 15 Commits. 1 Branch. 0 Tags. 90 MB Project Storage. Resources for connecting nodes to the official PulseChain Testnet. master.
There are actually two networks that we can add: the Mainnet or the Testnet. The Mainnet is the one that you’ll most likely need to add and the Testnet is essentially a test environment for the Binance Chain and is used for app developers to experiment with. Add the following details: Mainnet . Network Name: Smart Chain